Block Paving Installers Chester

Chester Block Paving

If you need a block paving contractor in Chester, give Rhino Pave Chester a call. All work fully guaranteed. Our block paving services in Chester provides a wide range of affordable options to choose from when it comes to replacing your driveway or patio.

Our team of expert driveway paving contractors have been installing block paving for over 30 years in Chester. We will provide you with a complete service and material breakdown of the work involved while providing you with multiple choices to suit any budget.

From the base up all our installations are done to industry approved standards. With new base foundations of Type 1 MOT, quality sourced river washed sand and always using membrane sheeting to prevent weed growth, we ensure long lasting and durable paving installations.

Our Options Include:


We carry out each project tailored to the customer with rubbish removed according to Chester Council guidelines and our block paving laid to manufacturer recommendations such as Marshalls Paving.

We can provide you with multiple paving choices including standard herringbone patterns to basket-weave, stretcher bonds, variety of paving patterns, paving circles and unique driveway block paving features. We can give you a tour of previous work to give you some ideas on how you would like your own driveway paving to look. Have a look on our steps page to see some of the steps we can install for you!

We can provide samples of different types of driveway paving for you to inspect free of charge. At our consultation we can highlight the different things that Rhino Pave LTD can do for you! You can see other options for a new driveway in Chester including tarmac driveways and gravel driveways for more affordable choices.