Rhino Pave are landscaping contractors in Cheshire and Flintshire. With a skilled and experienced team capable of transforming all styles of gardens into something unique and beautiful to admire all year round. Get a free quotation now if you live in the Flintshire or Cheshire area.

We offer high-spec modern landscape services to suit every budget. From garden paving areas to raised flower beds, hedge trimming, turfed lawns, installing wooden sheds, wooden decking and more. Every project is different so we adapt to suit you, ensuring your needs are covered and your expectations are exceeded.

We are masters at installing wooden decking in the garden area. We use only the finest wood materials on the market to make sure that your decking is given a long life span and beautiful finish. We can provide samples of some of the styles of decking so you are able to pick the right option for your garden area.



When we have completed your project, our services do not stop there. We pride ourselves on providing a first class aftercare service and enjoy close relationships with all clients. We like to stay in touch to make sure you are capable of looking after your new garden and offer advice if its needed.

We try to cater every garden to make sure its tailored to our client. From complicated and beautiful landscapes that require high maintenance to simplistic gardens that flourish in winter and summer alike with little effort.


At Rhino Pave, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a first class service that is combined with extensive gardening knowledge, bringing you a high quality landscape service for Flintshire and Cheshire.

Our landscaping team at Rhino Pave can advise you on what will work best in your garden and can suggest any additions that might enhance or simplify your garden for you.